Younger Looking Eyes in 5 Easy Steps

5 Easy Steps to Brighter Younger Looking EyesEveryone wants bright, clear and young looking eyes. Of course the best way to achieve this is by eating well, sleeping 7+ hours a night, using a skin care regimen that works for you, not rubbing your eyes, etc. But, sometimes you don’t have time for all that and you just need some quick and easy cosmetic cheats.

This list of five easy steps is done after your skin care regimen is complete (you’ve washed your face, used toner, moisturizer, eye cream, sun screen, etc.)

Step One: Use anti-redness, anti-itch, moisturizing eye drops. I suffer from dry eyes so I prefer to use Refresh Plus Lubricant Eye Drops if you suffer from a lot of redness I recommend Visine Tired Eye Relief Lubricant Eye Drops, and for allergy sufferers I think the best eye drops are Opcon-A Itching & Redness Reliever Eye Drops (this is what I use when my allergies flare up).

Step Two: Use eye lid/shadow primer and use primer under your eye. If you have oily skin and use a mattifying primer all over your face please use a moisturizing or neutral formula under your eyes for best results. I recommend using Smashbox ‘Photo Finish’ Hydrating Under Eye Primer and Smashbox ’24 Hour Photo Finish’ Shadow Primer. For more great eye shadow primer recommendations check out The Best Eye Shadow Primers for Summer.

Step Three: Use a light, matte and neutral eye shadow from lash line to brow as a stand alone or under your normal eye shadow. If used alone this will brighten and open up your eye and if used under your normal shadow this will set the stage for a smoother application and brighter, clearer eyeshadow color that isn’t muddied by the darkness of your eye lids. Some of the best colors to use for this are:

Sisley Paris ‘Phyto-Ombre Eclat’ Eyeshadow – Vanilla

Lancome ‘Color Design’ Sensational Effects Eye Shadow – Cafe Creme

Clinique ‘All About Shadow’ Eyeshadow Duo – Ivory Bisque/ Bronze Satin

bareMinerals ‘Well Rested’ Shadow Base SPF 20

Step Four: After you have finished putting on all your eyeshadow and eye liner. Take a white or flesh toned hypoallergenic eye pencil and line the inner rim of your lower (water line) and interior of the upper eyelash waterline (underneath your eyelash). Here are my favorites to use


Step Five: Highlight the inner corners of your eyes, right underneath your brow and the center of your eye lid. The inner corner of the eye is, in my humble  opinion the most brightening of all. See photo of model at top of page, she has a very subtle highlight, you can go a bit more dramatic with it, but don’t go too crazy or you will just look weird. My absolute favorite highlighters for this are: 


If you have any other suggestions or tricks that you use to brighten your eyes or take years off, let us know in the comments below.

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