Top 10 Best Gifts for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is quickly approaching and every year I try to think of new and interesting things to give my dad. Sometimes I have no creativity at all, and other years I have come up with some gems. This year I thought I’d share some of my Top 10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas to help everyone out because I know how busy you ladies are! These are the 10 gifts I’ve given my dad in the past that have been the biggest hits and certainly fared much better than the standard, shirt, tie or sweater ever has.



  1. A yearly Subscription to Amazon Prime (see link below)
  2. A luxurious and super comfy bathrobe like Daniel Buchler Washed Jersey Cotton Blend Robe
  3. iconAn elegant (or fun – depending on your dad’s personality) pair of cuff links
  4. A yearly subscription to Sports Illustrated, National Geographic or TIME (depends on your dad’s taste)
  5.  A new wallet like Bellroy ‘Hide and Seek’ Wallet
  6. A really nice pen like one from the Cross Townsend Collection
  7. A Roku 4 Streaming Media Player (4400R) 4K UHD or other streaming device like Amazon Fire TV
  8.  A nice electric shaver like Panasonic ‘ARC3’ 3-Blade Electric Wet/Dry Shaver with Built-In Trimmer or a classic Chromed Brass 4 Piece Manual shaving kit from Brookstone
  9. Grilling accessories, Boscovs has everything from grill kits to sports team themed BBQ covers– which will be perfectly timed for summer!
  10. Any sort of collectible or memorabilia of something he is into (Sports, Movies, Toys, History, Cars, etc.) Brookstone has a great selection that is reasonably priced


If you have any other great ideas you’d like to share feel free to sound off in the comments section below – I’m sure everyone would appreciate more fun ideas.



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