Review: Inglot Duraline – Magical Transformer

For those of you unfamiliar with Duraline, it is a clear liquid that can transform makeup into liquid form. What? Let me explain.

Duraline has become a cult favorite among Beauty Bloggers (myself included), YouTubers and Beauty Editors because it can literally change the way a cosmetic product works by liquefying it and making it more long lasting. Inglot does not really elaborate on all the things that this Magic Liquid can do, this is what their site says, “Waterless clear liquid that can intensify the color of any powder and transform it into an easy to apply, water resistant liquid. Hypoallergenic.” Most brands oversell and over-exaggerate what their products can do – clearly Inglot does not.

Below are the many ways that I use Inglot Duraline:

  1. With my Gel Eyeliner: I dip my favorite Tarte double-ended eyeliner brush into the gel eyeliner, and I then deposit the gel on to the inside of the pot cap (alternatively, you may use a palette, or any other suitable non-porous surface). Then, I place the tiniest drop of the Duraline on the gel eyeliner, lastly I use the same eyeliner brush to blend the products together. Voila my gel liner is now liquefied and BULLETPROOF! That liner handles heat, humidity, a dip in the pool and even the accidental eye rub.
  2. To Revitalize my Gel Eyeliner: Anyone that has ever used gel liner knows that those pots dry out pretty quickly despite our best efforts. I know I look like a lunatic as I dip my brush and quickly re-cap the top like I’ve stolen from the cookie jar and I’m trying hard not to get caught! Since I’ve discovered Duraline I am less lunatic looking and now just plain old crazy looking – LOL. Seriously though, 1 drop of this stuff on drying gel eyeliner and it brings it right back to life!
  3. To Apply Pigment: Put a little pigment on a blending palette or other appropriate non-porous surface, put a tiny drop of Duraline and blend together using the brush you plan to use when you apply it. Your pigment will now be easier to apply because there is no more fallout and the pigment will be longer lasting.
  4. To Apply Eyeshadow: If you want to intensify your eye shadow or make it water-resistant simply mix a little Duraline in with your shadow and watch it transform. Some folks even use it as an eyeshadow base, personally, I do not use it that way because I find that my lids do crease using this method.
  5. To Transform Eyeshadow into Eyeliner: Yep, you guessed it, mix a little Duraline with eyeshadow and use as an eyeliner. Make sure to remember that Duraline does intensify the color so test out the shades before you use them.
  6. To make blush Waterproof: Same as above, mix a little Duraline with your blush and it will last all day!
  7. To Make Lipstick Last Longer: Have a shade you love but it is a creamy glides off too easily formulation? No problem, mix a little Duraline in using a lip pencil and magically your lipstick is transformed!

As you can see there are many wonderful and versatile uses for Duraline. If any of you have any other ways to use this magic product sound off in the comment section below!

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