Pre-Poo Treatments – Are They Worth it?

girl-690229_1280Pre-poo, or  Pre-shampoo Treatments are the latest buzz words being heaved around the beauty industry and by all those “in the know.” First of all, what on earth is a pre-poo treatment you might be asking? Well, that is a good question, I asked too the first time I heard the term and got a judgmental eye-role from a a barely legal girl who said, “Oh my God, you’ve never done a pre-poo treatment, no wonder your ends look so dry.” Resisting every urge I had to slap her I walked away and did what all of us do when we feel too stupid to ask a question twice, I Googled it.

A pre-poo treatment is actually pretty simple, it is a treatment that you put in your hair for a particular amount of time (depending on the brand and exact type of treatment) before your normal shampoo and conditioning routine. Now, was that so hard for that, that, emmm, “young lady” to tell me? No, I think not.

Intrigued and feeling extra insecure about my “dry ends” I decided that I was the perfect candidate for the pre-poo treatment and I went on a mission to find out what were the best types and kinds to use for my particular hair situation.

Let me start by telling you a little bit about my hair and current routine.

My hair is naturally dark blonde to light ashy brown and I do balayage highlights about 5x a year and touch up my roots every 4-6 weeks to cover my grays. Yes, I have them, lots of them I might add. My hair is about four inches beyond my shoulders (I am trying to grow it back to where it was) and it is in relatively healthy condition, but, “she” was right, I do have some “dry ends.”  The texture of my hair is about medium thickness and is mostly smooth and straight. I do have some natural wave to it, and a cowlick, or two that I could have done without.  I wash my hair every third day, and I only use shampoo 1x per week. Most washes are done with a co-wash or an all-in-one product from Secret Key (a Korean brand) that I’ve been obsessing over lately. I do a deep conditioning hair mask once a week. For styling I use a multi-treatment spray (I really like It 12-In-One Amazing Leave-In Treatment 5.1oz Bonus – it is very affordable and works great! Then depending on which way I am styling it will determine the rest of the products I use. I don’t use straighteners or curling irons in my hair except for special occasions as I find them too damaging to my bleached hair for regular use. I use the blow dryer on the lowest heat setting and finger style most days.

Now that we have all that out of the way, here is what my research and experimenting uncovered:

I really like using a pre-poo treatment for my hair! Honestly, at first I was like, “another step-to my million step beauty routine, really?” Now, that I’ve been doing it for 2 months I am singing another tune.

Firstly, it all started making sense to me after doing it for 2 weeks….it is like putting heat protecting spray in your hair before you flatiron, or putting sunscreen on before laying out in Cabo… is PREVENTION! DUHHHH, I did say I  was a natural blonde, sometimes it takes a minute for things to sink in.

In-short, that is precisely what a pre-poo treatment does. The majority of our hair damage comes from our shampoo and tap water (which kills our hair color) this protects it, helps your hair have less fly-aways, makes your hair silkier and less frizzy – what is not to love about this? Oh, and did I mention that I have less color fade and brass in my blonde than ever before? Yeah, this pre-poo business is now a part of my regular routine, and I seriously wish that I could run into that young lady again, to show her just how “NOT dry” my ends are now….just sayin’….

Oh, and below are the products that I tried and really liked, I tried some high-end and drugstore brands and I even used Extra Virgin olive oil from under my sink (it did work – but I stunk like a salad, not too cute).

My advice, chose one that addresses the specific needs of your hair, i.e., dryness use a moisturizing formula, frizzy hair use an anti-frizz formula, etc.

To find out more information about a particular product or to purchase, click on the product photo.

Burt's Bees Hair Treatment - 4.34 oz.

SheaMoisture African Black Soap Dandruff Control Pre-Poo Rinse - 4 oz.

If you have used any great pre-poo treatments that weren’t on this list let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear from you!

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