Tattoo Removal

Part 1 – PicaSure Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoo RemovalI have seven tattoos (with more planned) and I couldn’t imagine wanting to remove any of them. Then again I never tatted the name of an ex, a band that is no longer cool, or a Tweety Bird on my butt, nor have I had the unfortunate luck of working with an artist that did a terrible job on my ink, hey, just like in every other profession, not everyone is talented. Of course, there are also deeper and more personal reasons than aesthetics for having a tattoo removed, for example,  a painful memory, or a tragic loss. Lets be honest and also admit that sometimes the placement of the tat is the problem more than the tat itself, i.e., a tat on your forehead might limit job opportunities, or a tat on a shrinking or expanding body part might also look warped in time (i.e. think pregnancy or rapid weight gain or loss). There are an endless number of reasons why you might want a tattoo removed.

My good friend, whom we shall call *Sara in this article for the sake of anonymity had a tat that she fell out of love with that she wanted removed. I was privileged that she allowed me to come with her on the first step of her journey and that she is going to permit me to be present for all the steps for the purposes of documenting the removal process for BeautyBallerina readers.

After extensive research Sara told me that she chose to use Mary Garnett, owner of Clean Slate Laser in White Plains, NY because of the very positive internet testimonials Mary has and her very good reputation coupled with great online ratings. Also, Mary specializes in tattoo removal and does this procedure more than any other local professional Sara could find.

Sara’s tattoo spans the length of her interior bicep and is a solid black color. It is considered a medium-sized tattoo and Mary informed us that the procedure would only take a couple of minutes.

Mary explained to us that she planned to use the PicoSure laser on this first visit because she thought it would be the most effective at removing Sara’s tattoo, and then Mary went on to give us the most easy-to-understand and comprehensive explanation of how the whole tattoo removal process works, instead of re-writing what she said, I thought I would let Mary and her crew tell you in their own words – watch the video below to see the PicaSure Laser Tattoo Removal process.

Here are Sara’s first treatment photos (the wand on the left is a cooling apparatus, while the wand on the right is the PicaSure laser):

One of the interesting things that Mary said was that she prefers to have clients wait 10-12 weeks before they return because in her opinion that will decrease your need for extra treatments because you are giving your own body more opportunities to remove the ink itself. She further explained that this also decreases your chance of scarring as you are also giving your skin more time to heal in-between treatments.

I found Mary to be very congenial, professional, and knowledgeable. Her staff was friendly and accommodating and the office was clean and bright. There was ample parking in the rear and it was easy to find (albeit a bit of a hike from Long Island – but totally worth the drive).

I am looking forward to going to Sara’s second visit in a few months and documenting her progress.

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