(Malin+Goetz) Mojito Lip Balm Review


I have severely dry lips, I mean my lips are ALWAYS chapped and peeling. It doesn’t matter if it is Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall I always have the most chapped lips of ALL! (Yeah – I did that, it was cheesy and I don’t care) But, seriously my lips are shot and I’m always on the hunt for the BBD (bigger-better-deal) when it comes to caring for my lips. I have tried many, many products and have had varying experiences and I have to say that this lip balm was a pleasant surprise for me.






First, check out my before lip shot (gross – I know). This is a close-up of my lips and you can clearly see that they are chapped, irritated and peeling.






Now here is a photo taken 1 hour after putting on the lip balm. Can you believe how much my lips have improved?





I thought that surely once the lip balm wore off that the appearance of softer, smoother lips would dissipate and I stand corrected. Two hours after the lip balm wore off this is what my lips look like. Amazing! I never thought I could achieve so much improvement after just a few hours of use!


Now, here are my overall impressions. Packaging is standard and there is nothing new, special or innovative about it. Personally, I like applying lip balm from a squeeze tube, I think it is easy and un-fussy and I don’t need crazy packaging to impress me.

Luckily, the mojito scent is not overwhelming, in fact, I find it mostly subtle and pleasant. The balm itself is clear and has a slightly thicker gel like consistency. It applies easily and seems to absorb into the lip if you apply a small amount, if you use a larger amount some of it will absorb and the rest will sit on top of your lip and will be rather shiny. I believe that the product actually stays on your lips longer when you apply a little less as it seems to absorb better in my opinion and has less transfer when you eat or drink. In my various tests this lip balm lasted approximately 3 hours without the need to reapply and lasted about 2 hours when I ate and drank.

Overall I am very impressed with this lip balm and this is definitely making it onto my short list of the best lip balms I’ve ever tried.


***Disclaimer, Beauty Ballerina purchased this Malin+Goetz Mojito lip balm at full price from an unaffiliated retailer. This review was not sponsored, compensated or induced and is reflective of BeautyBallerina’s opinion of this product.

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