Can a Brush Save Your Hair?

Can a Bush Save Your HairIt is no secret that color-treated and bleached hair like mine is more fragile and subject to breaking, tangling and split ends. Age, diet, hair care and heredity also play a major role in how your healthy your hair will be. While there isn’t much we can do to fight our hereditary issues, we can certainly improve the damage done to our hair from other external factors.

When I first heard about the Tangle Teezer I thought it was a bunch of hype and that it was no better than a seamless wide tooth comb. And, I resisted the temptation of buying one for the longest time for that very reason. Then I received an original Tangle Teezer in my Spring Allure Beauty Thrills box and tried it out. I submit and admit that – I WAS WRONG (that is very hard for me to say BTW). It is not hype, the Tangle Teezer does work as advertised and detangles hair easily without snagging, pulling or breaking hair and it detangles hair with ease and without the normal pain that accompanies brushing out a head full of knots.

I was impressed by the ergonomic design and how comfortable it is to work with and I am also impressed with how easy this is to clean and carry in my purse. I have also found that this is excellent when used on wet hair post shower/swimming, etc. and I cannot imagine using anything else to detangle my hair anymore. I am 100% converted!

There are a few different sizes and colors to choose from. For my hair type I think the original works perfectly and would work perfectly for 90% of all others. Check the different sizes out and buy the one you think will work best for you – this is one of those products that I put on my MUST OWN List.

Where to buy:

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