5 Life Hacks that WILL Save You Time EVERY Morning!

Every morning millions of us get up and have to face the work day ahead. Whether you like what you do, or not, we can all agree that some days it is harder than others to get out the door.

Over the years, I’ve discovered a few hacks that help me get out the door faster without sacrificing my beauty game or style.

I go over my next day’s schedule and meetings/appointments the night before and pack my bag accordingly. This way, in the morning I don’t even need to think about whether or not I have everything I need and I don’t run the risk of forgetting something important. (Like my laptop, or meeting notes, etc.) This leads me to my next hack…

Plan your #OOTD the night before. Don’t wait until morning to decide what you are going to wear. Have your outfit out and on display with shoes, accessories, and even layout the makeup you plan to use. For some reason, this only takes me about five minutes to do at night and, in the morning (did I mention I am not a morning person) this takes so much longer. I have found that this little step before bed saves me about 15 minutes in the morning and I make much better fashion choices too as a result!

Organize your bathroom. Yep, I said it and now all I can hear is my mother’s voice telling me this when I was younger. If you know where everything in your bathroom is, you won’t waste a moment finding anything. De-clutter your medicine cabinet and under your sink and save time each and every morning. I am a product junkie and have more stuff than could be used in my entire life time, in part because I am a blogger and receive lots of PR packages and swag and also because I am simply a hoarder – I want to try every product out there. Because of this I’ve found that I spend too much time in the morning looking at and playing with my products – big No No when you need to get out the door. So, what I do is I keep the stuff I absolutely need in the bathroom and keep everything I don’t need in the morning elsewhere. In my medicine cabinet you will find only the following, tooth paste, toothbrush, mouth wash, eye drops, cotton swabs, deodorant, and 1 face wash and 1 face scrub. That is it! Under the sink, toilet paper, feminine products and extra hand soap and body wash. This keeps me focused and moving.

I do part of my morning beauty routine during my commute. For example; I always keep hand cream and cuticle oil in my purse and do that once I’m out the door. I carry a nail file and touch up my nails when needed. And, I always apply my lipstick/gloss/balm (depends on the day) after I’ve had my coffee (which I also drink during my commute). I use a Keurig and a portable coffee mug – this has the added benefit of saving me some money too (so I can buy more beauty products)! I always keep portable foods stocked up in the house and eat during my commute, i.e, bananas, protein bars, etc.

In total, doing these 5 things saves me approximately 20-30 minutes every morning. I can now sleep a little later or use that time to meditate, or hang out with my dogs.

Let me know what you do in the morning to help you save time in the comments below!

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